All roads…

Every day from that crystal I see the march,
I see the final march like every day on that crystal.

One behind the other they walk towards the uncertain, the life is presented according to the path, the destiny is the same and we continue walking one behind the other.

Peace is the tomb, behind you we go in search of peace, behind you towards what they call the eternal abode, towards the quantum connection of the soul with the universe, the dematerialized eternal existence, behind you towards the tomb, in peace.

I can see behind the glass the faces of the walkers, inconsolable, insecure, ignorant… who seek life later and do not live it now.

Only war is life, the permanent conflict with one’s own existence, the perpetual doubt of who we are, getting lost on the way to find ourselves in life, in the grave, in the end… peace and happiness.

By Abel