Alpha Go – The turning point in artificial intelligence

The 4:1 success of the Alpha Go program over the earth’s best Go player is undergoing a shifting moment in AI. This narrative is now suitable for free on YouTube.

You may encounter it hard to admit, but they have cultivated the query of artificial intelligence for decades. What looks like hype to us now is meanwhile assumed about by pioneers like Alan Turing from the 1940s and 1950s. But enough of it continued mere ideology or science fiction. For decades, however, seldom appeared in doing. The computers were altogether not potent enough. And when computers could present the fundamental capacity, artificial intelligence was nothing better than try versing error on a wide scale.

Man, against machine

But on 9 March 2016 everything developed. From that time on, subjects became a deep handle of artificial intelligence, very much apart from flowery marketing promises á la Deep Blue from IBM. After five games, the Alpha Go algorithm crushed the world’s best Go player.

To describe Go as an Asian chess would be fragile. Not only in terms of the general fury with which the two games entrenched in various societies today. What distinguishes chess from Go is not only the ridiculously small lot of movements in the game of kings related to Go. Intuition plays a much bigger task in Go than in chess. This is one reason the game has turned into a barometer for artificial intelligence.

The program Alpha Go, which expands as pulling out of the Google Deep Mind project, set requirements in this tribute. Documentary filmmaker Greg Kohs accompanied the launch with his camcorder and depicted the procedure of the planners until the legendary duel between Alpha Go and Korean Go player Lee Sedol, perhaps the best Go player on earth, held rank in spring 2016. Experts didn’t give Alpha Go a chance, but after five games, the algorithm developed as the champion with a record of 4 to 1. This five-game match knows how to portray Kohs in all its atmospheric density, but without depicting it as a kind of decisive battle between man and machine. Not all the media could stay back like that.

The multiple award-winning documentary is now vacant by Deep Mind for free on YouTube.