Apaches in Mexico – forgotten

They were no idolaters. They only believed in the existence of a single god whom they called the great captain of the sky.

They have been demonized in movies and stories but they were the owners of the lands of the southern United States and northern Mexico dedicated to hunting because from that they subsisted to eat and dress in their leather suits and also with that they manufactured their tents in the form of inverted cones to spend the night, they were semi-nomads….

…who always traveled with their families. Their weapons were rudimentary. Arrows and spears only until the pale face man arrived, as they called them. So, they armed themselves with rifles and guns and thus corruption and lawsuits began between various tribes. There were three very important warriors, Indian Ju, Geronimo and Indian Victorio. At the end of the war of extermination by the Spaniards and Creoles, Indian Ju threw himself into a ravine and died. Indian Geronimo died on a reservation in New Mexico in the United States. The Indian Victorio was betrayed and killed by a Tera tiente of Chihuahua, in front of his daughter who was giving birth at the moment. Victorio’s daughter, the baby and the Warrior himself died all together. When their race was exterminated few of these gallant warriors remained in reservations in the United States. They wore their leather clothes of the same color matching the desert. Sad, that historians see this as the decline. Way before they used beautiful clothes, both men and women. Now they dressed in their hunting spoils of dirty rags and were no longer the gallant warriors of these lands, ESTERMINATED BY THE FACES PALIDAS.

A guest article from Dr. M.D. Hilda Rosa Martínez González