At Last

This is written as a reminder.
To let go, to hold on,
for the tears,
for then, or forever.
A word at the end:
Our path had to be followed.
No step is in vain.

Blueer was the sky never
than on those days with you and me.
Above us, twigs of blossoms swayed
in the sunlit wind.
They smelled so carefree of times,
that don’t end.
I’m here when we dream.

I just have to close my eyes,
and my journey is over.
Time is stopping for me, not for you.
I go our ways further between trees,
in shadows, in islands of light –
If you can’t find me anywhere:
Find me here.

(from: Anke Höhl-Kayser, “The Shadows of Sev-Janar”)