Author: Maja Siffredi

In real life, the Styrian-born Austrian girl has a different name. Her real name is not Maja Siffredi. She writes erotic stories, which seem to be best described as "porn satire." Sometimes, that produces pearls of sweat on the foreheads of child protection Agents. After numerous stopovers at home and abroad, where the trained chef has also worked as a bartender and model, she now lives and writes in Carinthia, Austria. Her first publication "Frau mit Vogel sucht Mann mit Käfig" (Women with a bird is looking for a man with birth cage) was published in spring 2017, followed by "Fickfisch" (Fuck - Fish) in autumn 2018. In between, a short story was also published in the German Erotic Magazine "Séparée," as well as in the anthology "Wohin geht die Reise." (Where does the Journey lead you to"). She has always written first for the drawer, then for her own blog "" from which the idea for the first book was born.