J. Monika Walther

J. Monika Walther comes from a Jewish Protestant Family. She grew up in Leipzig, Berlin and on Lake Constance. The one and only thing she wanted to do in life is: write. She lived and wrote in Spain, Portugal, and Israel, among other places. She is also the Founder of two publishing houses, Frauenpolitik and tende (together with Annette V. Uhlending). Monika writes radio plays, audiobooks, stories and novels such as Sperlingssommer, Am Weltenrand and thrillers such as Himmel und Erde, Goldbroiler or the Description of a Battle, Das schöne Dorf (2017). Since 1966 Monika has lived in Münsterland, Westphalia, Germany and the Netherlands. She is happy with her adopted home and her family. For forty years. (Photo: Barbara Dietl)

Chalk Strokes

The first white stroke extended across an ice-cold classroom. At the front, next to the desk, sat an old oven. A hole broken into the outer wall for the pipe. In front of the chalk line squatted the children of […]


God among farmers

Landscapes and villages have been colonized and determined for centuries by the ruling centers, by the cities. The farmer’s family has to feed the lord of the castle. But each village is way more than a non-city. And the destruction […]