Bernhard Schlafke – Christmas greetings in acrylic colours

In January 2019 we welcome Bernhard Schlafke as a new member on the PonderingTime team. Bernhard wishes our readers a Merry Christmas.

As an artist Bernhard Schlafke travels in many fields. At PonderingTime he presents his pictures from the most diverse directions as a painter. A passion which he has been pursuing for decades now and which he passed on to others in the KreAktivWerkstatt in Dülmen, Westafalia, Germany, for example, of which he is also the founder. Incidentally, this activity is also a project within the framework of open-youth-work-support, in his home country.

Key points of the Artist Biography:
1988 and 1989 Creative design “KUNST LEUSTE”, Dülmen, Germany
1988 Group exhibition of Dülmen artists in Charleville-Mezieres, France
1989 Design of pictures Poetry book Manfred Sestendrup
1991 Drawings, collages, poems and music, Minami-Kashiwa, Reitaku-University, Japan
1994 and 1995 Co-founder, organizer and creative designer of the cultural night “ARTFULL”, Dülmen, Germany
2002 Founder and organizer of “Kunstiniohne eh Vau”, Hiddingsel (until 2004)
2002 to 2007 Founder and director of the “KreAktivWerkstatt”, open youth work in the city of Dülmen
Since 2017 painting, drawing, designing according to your whim….

In January we exhibit some of his acrylic paintings of the series “Colors”. At this moment, however, the artist wishes you a Merry Christmas:

“Santa is coming”
Format: 50 x 70 cm
Technique: Wipe paint technique
Material: drawing paper 300 g/qm

You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I‘m tellin‘ you why
That ol‘ Santa is hangin‘ around in town..

Beautiful days, happy hours and all the best in 2019.

Bernhard Schlafke