The beginning was the stroke, and the stroke came with the finger and the finger was mine. I saw that the stroke was good… *

…and so, I drew line by line and line by line on the display of my iPhone and I took pictures.

 “In [them] was life, and life was the light of [Fantasy]”… **

…sparks of my imagination

Have fun

Bernhard Schlafke

*(free according to the Book of Books

**(according to John 1:1-4, ibid.)

My first two display finger paintings

“Into the Storm”
“In a stormy sea”

…continue with the buoyant shape of the boats and the moving sea. Play with color and form.

„Boats on Land“
and „on the Sea“

…can it be something classical?

Lust and muse, in moving colors of the basic shades and form reduction.

“Pan and Syrinx”
“Adam and Eve”
“Punk never died”

The fascination of this kind of painting lies in the fact that the existing painting ground defines spatial boundaries and that a reduced symbolism must be achieved for the desired picture theme, aligned to the message of the picture…

… and there’s “the stroke” in everything.

….and again only „the Stroke“

… and when the stroke hits the grammar.

“I’m leaving”
“I piss”

… or when many strokes come together for street music

… and where the strokes play music the strokes dance too

“Humorous elements have not always been appreciated in connection with fine art. Apparently it seemed to be detrimental to the seriousness of art to put the comic in the foreground.”

Johanna Schwanberg

…and now it comes to the end with a reduced stroke

…the shut

I’m glad you stopped by.

Bernhard Schlafke

All the drawings shown in this gallery issue were created with the finger, line by line, on the iPhone display.