Bernhard Schlafke: The New Human being

When I got talked into my first mobile phone with a camera, suddenly the display, illuminated by a flash, showed me my portrait. Another door of de-signing opened in front of me.

Often misunderstood, entered. When I heard about the topic “the new man”, I was irritated and interested. And again a door opened… Spontaneously I remembered the quote “there can be only one” regarding the movie “High-lander.”

At the same time, images of computer development, robot reality, Siri and other “science fiction fantasies” , belittled at decades ago, were built up while I visualized these thoughts on my miniature flat screen-communication-computer.

Now that this visionary human reshaping, of whatever kind, will be molded by the human spirit and human hand, and as it is supposed to be written in the Book of Books that man is the pride of creation, then “God forbid” if one takes into consideration what man has made of “creation” in the course of time. It remains to reconcile that the creative use of modern technologies and their further development does not have to serve the biblical control of creation in a restrictive way, but can also produce, winking and self-contained, in black and white…

Flashlight from somewhere

It’s been another long evening. The beer bottle never got empty. Nobody spoke a word. Only his even inhalation and exhalation filled the room nois-ily.

The paperback which lay in front of him was outdated, like many things around him. He was constantly reminded that time was flowing, towards the future. Then suddenly, like a bright spotlight, wild fictional images shot through the room, those images that described anytime later thousand times over, imagined in the past, laughed at, devoured by the future, overtaken by now and spun again and again.

The question he liked to ask himself with a grin, by changing the original,

“To be or be nothing?”

Was not important now. He drank up his beer, switched off the light and had decided to go to sleep.

„Two souls live in my chest, one resting, the other one’s eager to get lost. One lives in the now, loves Waldeslust, the other, completely out of breath, Created tomorrow, recognize nothing. ” Free after Johann Wolfgang etc., fantasized on 28.01.2019, shortly after 07:00 o’clock and in the following while google-ing the following quotation,

„And God said, let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. And God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him… “

subject to the question, if this was really such a good idea…

Enjoy these expressions, which reflect only a small example of the scien-tific and pseudoscientific term complexes concerning the topic “New Man”:

Transhumanist visions of the future

Biotechnological complete transformation

a non-directive, person-centered approach

No, I don’t feel like making fun, especially since such simple words as love, altruism, compassion, sadness, laughter don’t cross my mind while I am looking for the “New Human.”
Besides the philosophical search for the “New Man,” the research of robot technology has established itself with enormous investments and the reali-zation of the androids seems closer than ever. Biotechnological fellows stalk through clinically sterile halls in which people of today play God,
while outside the door
People starve and freeze…
….and schools’ decay.

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This Text was translated by our Fan and Friend Heidrun Klemmer.