Christmas dinner a bit different: with Heloisa Bacellar

Christmas Season is approaching, and PonderingTime feels pleased to announce an exceptional culinary highlight, days before Christmas. Brazilian star chef Heloisa Bacellar, has compiled delightful Christmas dinner recipes for our readers.

Heloisa Bacellar, or Helô as they call her, is a person full of energy. Time and again she searches for trends, researches and discovers combinations or preparation choices in the kitchen, trying out new recipes when she is not creating an original recipe for herself.

Food has long since become far more important to her than mere consumption, it must also taste good. It’s a passion, and with that passion and Love, she prepares all her culinary delicacies.

Heloisa learned her craftsmanship at the legendary cooking academy Cordon Bleu in Paris. Some may describe this culinary institution as a culinary school, but since its foundation in 1895, it has made fundamental contributions to the World of international culinary art. Their graduates often shaped and still shape the cuisines of their countries of origin, such as Gianfranco Chiarini, the founder of Nouvelle Fusion Cuisine, or Gastón Acurio, the most important representative of Peruvian cuisine. Others are well-known media personalities, like the U.S. American Ming Tsai, who combines Western cuisine with Asian cuisine, or the enchanting Rachel Khoo, who takes her fans on a culinary world tour with her TV shows and books.

In her native Brazil Heloisa Bacellar, is another one of the well-known faces, bringing culinary art closer into the homes of people. She acquired the Grand Diplôme de Cuisine at the Cordon Bleu in Paris in 1995 where she completed the pâtisserie course in addition. With the Atelier Gourmand, she founded her own cooking school. Helô writes successful cookbooks, some of which have now been published in English and she runs her own Youtube channel, through which she passes on her passion, cooking for others: Na Cozinha da Helô – In Helô’s kitchen.

In addition to cookbooks and her website, Heloisa Becellar writes articles about food and cooking in Brazilian and French magazines. She runs her own restaurant and pastry shop “Lá da Venda” in Sao Paulo, Brazil. There you can find her famous “pão de queijo” (cheese bread balls).

The editorial team at PonderingTime is looking forward to Heloisa’s Christmas menu, and we are sure our readers are as well.