A new day arises.
The alarm clock ringing its call, and you need the courage to take the call.
Sitting on your bed, you’re thinking courageously, what’s out there waiting for you?
If it’s too cold, courage to go to the bathroom.
Then… courage to get out of the bathroom.
But that’s nothing.
Now, courage to endure a long road, under such adverse conditions, to endure your job.
Also, courage to unfold the daily newspaper.
Courage to face what is in it.
The political news… oh yes, a lot of courage.
Courage to look at your balance in your bank account, and today is only the 15th of the month.
Courage to endure silly talk.
Courage to listen to silly lamentations.
Courage to face arrogance.
Courage to smile without a cause.
Courage to acknowledge a new love.
Courage to forget everything you’ve left behind yourself.
Courage to take on a new life.
Courage not to escape the unknown.
Courage to get out of monotony and routine.
Courage to have audacity.
Courage to stick around.
Courage…. a lot of courage.
We are the eternal anonymous heroes of everyday life.
So, we must have a lot of courage!
I propose a toast to our daily Saint of holy courage!