Davorin Wagner: Homologies in Nature “Man-Flowers

There is a beauty of the human body that the viewer must first overcome to recognize. The beauty of human anatomy. A world that begins just a few inches below our skin.E

With Davorin Wagner’s photographs we dive into a world of aesthetics that usually remains secluded. Usually, these images are only seen by surgeons like Davorin Wagner, or the viewers of the photographs he takes of them.

Biological Network(s)

In the series Homologies in Nature “Man-Flower”, however, he shows more than the beauty of the human body, which some viewers can only see after pushing aside their prejudices. He connects with the images of one Life, the often astonishingly similar structures of a life in another place. In this case, that of man, with that of flowers.


The hybiscuscyst, for example, develops like a chimera. At the border between the two, the two sides become blurred and it seems to the observer as if the cyst were flowing over into the hibiscus to perfect the unity.

Accompany Davorin Wagner a little further on the journey, for example in the juxtaposition of a morula with the flowers of a flower, which seem as if the creator had made an at least external copy at this point.

Morula with flower

It would be fitting, since both represent a new beginning. The flower provides for the offspring of the flowers, the morula is the earliest stage of embryogeness.

The gallstones in the next picture, which Davorin Wagner shows in his homologies together with flower pistils, are also of unusual beauty.

Gallstones and pistils

For the fact that gallstones cause problems above all, they are of an unusual intensity for the observer. If he looks unbiased at the gallstones piled up to the miniature of a hill, he can hardly resist the sight.

Vascular Veil

The photographer
Davorin Wagner was born in 1951 in Zagreb, then Yugoslavia. The family later moved to Frankfurt am Main, where Wagner began working as a surgeon at the Northwest Hospital after studying medicine. At the same time, he has always been on the road as a photographer and artist. In addition to landscapes and portraits, he also combines both areas with surgical photography. – www.photoimagine.org