Desoxirinblablablanythingwhateveracid is what we call DNA in its entirety. Recessive and dominant. Black mouse fucks white mouse. Three to one. Provided both are purebred…. A square plus B square is C square. Three plus four is five. Right-angled, too.

Darwin. Pavlov. Hitler.

Evolution. Conditioning. Fascism.

Angle functions. Evolution vs. creation. More Hitler. School excursion to Mauthausen. Schindler’s list. Over and over again. American History X. Anne Frank.

The never-ending story.

Fuck you, Professor. I’M NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT.

O. Ace. At. Amus. Atis. ANt. Latin is dumb, six cases, zero sense. Forty thousand kilometers is once around the world. But what exactly does responsibility mean, Professor?


This means that the slap in the face after the parents’ consultation day is justified according to the curriculum, Miss Siffredi.

Who’s responsible for the plan? Himmler? Göbels? Strache?

A thousand meters in less than five minutes, all member states of the Union rattling down just as sharply as the periodic table and all prime numbers from zero to a thousand.

Explain the golden ratio.

Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. Didn’t pay attention, could you please repeat the question?

Outrageous, such insolence, Miss Siffredi.

Irresponsible, such a calculation, Professor.