Family by Márcio Barker

It is the beginning of whole life. It is through of it that the first steps are taken. Between hits and mistakes, the family is the starting point, Parents and children, this is the classic image we have of a family.

However, that is not the only image we have, what we call “family”. On the other hand, they say that friends are another family. Yes, a different family, because they are people that we choose, to our liking, during our lives. They are not a group of people that life randomly places before us. And we choose them by finger, by the confluence of ideals.

Throughout life, we observe curious things.

The idea of ​​family can be extended. If we think well, all those who work in a company, make part of a sports, cultural or religious association, or even those who dream for a better world, are also a family.

Thinking like that, the word ” family ” carries in itself, a symbolism that goes beyond that traditional, to which we are accustomed. A thing that in nature, is understood with wisdom, by the said irrationals.

Be it in the herds of elephants, in the artichokes of the wolves, or in the shoals of fish.

Yes. A family can also be parents and their children, but not only that. The idea of ​​family goes much further. Family would not be a simple grouping?

The communion of ideals, of objectives, of concepts, of dreams, respecting the individualities, is what makes it united, strong, indestructible, whatever the family may be.

Without these ingredients, none of them will survive … even the family that gathers parents and children.

Well, again insisting, the essence of the family is the union … and freedom, of each of its components. A difficult mix … but not impossible.

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