Family – Paintings by Bernhard Schlafke

Family – Paintings by Bernhard Schlafke

Noun, feminine [the]….

Years ago, I was commissioned to design a large-format crib picture, the “holy family”. The designs didn’t go down well.

There is no holy family. Family is togetherness and confrontation, sound and silence, crying and laughing. Actually it is day by day TOGETHERNESS, without a tail of stars and singing angels ….

I excavated and painted the drafts in 2017.

Format: 127’ x 216’
Technique: Painting, Priming
Material: hardboard 1/3 ‘
Acrylic paint

“Emergency shelter”
Size: 152’ x 218’
Technique: painting
Material: hardboard 1(3’
Acrylic paint

It was stated: “The father looks like this, sad, questioning.”
Answer: “When you don’t know how to continue, being overtired must comfort a small child, and the woman tells you that the child was conceived by the Holy Spirit, then the blessed facial expression can get lost.”

“Maria was a young girl
and Joseph was constantly

Format: 152’ x 178’
Technique: Wiping paint technique
Material: drawing paper 6 oz/sqft
Acrylic paint

Format: approx. 20 x 20 cm (drawing)
Technique: Draw
Material: drawing paper 3,17 oz/sqft
Pastel oil crayon

/ complamantare/

the other, the other complementing… …the other, complementing the other
is the prerequisite for a social togetherness that is the basis of future = family in a self-contained unity, despite individual differences

“In a cold night”
Format: approx. 13’ x 50,8’(drawing)
Technique: Drawing
Material: drawing paper 6 oz/sqft
Pastel oil crayon

While I was working on this painting it was the following verses that moved me…

…fly, bird, snarl
Your song in the desert bird sound! –
Hide, you fool,
Your bleeding heart in ice and scorn!
The crows scream
And fly buzzing to the city:
Soon it’s gonna snow –
Woe to him who has no home!

Friedrich Nietzsche: “Lonesome” (Totally lonely)

“The Cold Heart”
Format: 60’ x 76 (per sheet)
in three parts
Technique: Draw
Material: drawing cardboard 8,8 oz/sqft
Pastel oil crayon

Nothing is forever.
Life is full of goodbyes.

It is particularly painful when a family breaks up….

Bernhard Schlafke

Bernhard Schlafke

As an artist Bernhard Schlafke travels in many fields. At PonderingTime he presents his pictures from the most diverse directions as a painter. A passion which he has been pursuing for decades now and which he passed on to others in the KreAktivWerkstatt in Dülmen, Westafalia, Germany, for example, of which he is also the founder. Incidentally, this activity is also a project within the framework of open-youth-work-support, in his home country.

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