“Free” Market

Free for whom? Free for what?
Free of controls.
Free of borders. Free of laws and tolls.
Free of dependence and demands. Free of obligations.
Free of legislation and laws.
Free of responsibility. Free of supervision.
Free of safety and security for product and production
 Free of hindrance, restriction, and inhibition.
Freedom for plutocratic profiteering
and unlimited personal enrichment.
Freedom for guaranteed gain.
Freedom without any prohibition.
Freedom without any penalty or pain.
Freedom for oligarchs and opportunists.
Freedom for greedy entrepreneurs.
Freedom for exploitation.
Freedom to contain and control
legal and legitimate demands of labor.
Freedom for wheelers and dealers.
Freedom for the monetary mafia and banker bandits.
Freedom for unlimited might of corporate concerns.
Freedom without protection for the consumer.
Freedom for evil deeds by evil doers.
Freedom to rob and rip off.
Freedom without guilt, remorse, morals, or conscience.
Freedom by those who own and control the markets.
Freedom for fancy financial fees,
purchased rights and paid for privileges.
“Freedom” not as a global ideal.
“Freedom” not for humanity.
“Freedom’ in name only.
“Freedom” not as fact.
“Freedom” as mere fiction! “Freedom” as fraud,
fabricated, manipulated, propagated
as nothing but an illusion.

Gerhard A. Fürst