Don‘t play with food. But the Italian artist Giulia Bernardelli does not play, she transforms coffee grounds and other foot leftovers into art.

After her art studies in Bologna, Bernardelli began to work as a museum educator. But she still lives her artistic streak, but not with normal colors or brushes. On the contrary, she deliberately put them aside, she told the French Huffington Post a few years ago, in order to work with natural materials.

One of these natural materials, for example, are coffee grounds in the morning, which are spontaneously transformed into a small work of art.

Or she uses what might be left over from dinner to literally show us the world:

But recently, leaves have also been playing a role in her art, skillfully transforming many a leaf into small miniature works of art.

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And because it’s so beautiful right now, we’ll show you some more of their most beautiful ideas: