It’s called because when the transfusions started, the children were seen to stop bleeding.

Hemo= Blood
Philia= attachment

It is rare for those with this disease to live more than 40 years.


The number one enemy of Russia’s last Tsar.

Hemophilia: A disease in which the blood does not clot.

Cause: A pathological gene carried by women and passed on to their male children.

Female daughters carry the gene, but they don’t suffer from the disease.

Queen V spread the disease throughout Europe with some of her male descendants dying.

The Tsarina transmitted that gene to the Tsarevich.

He was the only one to occupy the throne of the Russian empire.

A mysterious character of a monk appears and promises Zarina to eradicate the disease. She relies on him permitting to intrude on government affairs.

They kill him. The tsarina feels unprotected, the revolution has already begun and the real family was exiled to Siberia where they are executed on July 18, 1918.

The remains of the Zarévich were found in 1992

This is a guest article from Dr. Hilda Martinez