Homeland by Claudio Rigo-Righi Abascal

But … What is Homeland?

The Territory where one is born?

The territory where one grows?

The land where the ancestors lie?

The place where the family or lineage originated?

Who defines the context Homeland?

From the Latin Patria it means Clan or family.

Homeland : place to which we assign the most sublime characteristics and, we consider, superior to any other place with which it is compared.

The unfortunate thing is that in the name of the HOMELAND millions of people have died and are still dying, sad epitaph for a word.

Thousands of authors have written and exalted the pride of dying for the homeland, very few of them have been on the battle lines and there are few who have died for their beliefs.

When the Clanes or Families established their territories, the fight for the hunting grounds began and then to the cultivated lands.

Many people relate Homeland with music, landscapes, food or dances, although in general they are only ways of entertaining and remembering the lands and customs of the ancestors; although most of the time the origin of the families is very distant from the place of the celebration.

We see that the place of origin of the ancestors is spoken of with great pride, although sometimes there is not much to be proud of.

In spite of all the above: My homeland, Country is watered with blood and to which I would give mine in its defense.

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