Inspiration – An incredibly poignant word with a rather deep meaning

As a professional musician, YouTuber, music producer, guitar builder, businessman, husband and teacher, my life moves at a pretty fast pace. Lots to do, much work to complete, new projects starting weekly and always many people to speak with and message every day.

But, every day I adore my life, what I do and who I am… even on challenging days.

I very much believe and feel that this is because of inspiration. Inspiration has touched me so deeply that it has become a tremendous and all-consuming part of my every day, and I love being in its flow and energy. It is truly miraculous and it has transformed my life into an incredibly positive daily experience. I feel that it can do this for everybody.

I define Inspiration as an idea taking hold of you and taking it to its natural conclusion. There is a distinct difference between inspiration and motivation: Motivation being where you take hold of the idea and take it to where you would like it to go. Literally taking the proverbial bull by the horns! They are n many ways opposites.

When inspiration takes hold, you can’t help but be carried on its wings and allow it to take you to where it wants to! It becomes the driver of the bus and we go along for the ride.

It has the ability to enrich our lives and transform even the difficult challenges into beautiful experiences from which we can learn, evolve and grow. Indeed, it has certainly had that effect on every aspect of my life.

No inspiration, no music! So I have nurtured it, practiced it and come to understand it.

Jay Parmer


Indeed, it has been an extremely important part of my life because of my work as a musician. It is essential to me that I feel inspired to create music, videos, art and beauty. No inspiration, no music! So I have nurtured it, practiced it and come to understand it. And by doing so, I have been able to embrace it and bring it even closer to me and my life experiences.

So, how do you ‘get’ inspiration??? And how can it be done???

Well, that’s the easy part…. and the hard part all rolled into one. The easy part is that all we have to do is release ourselves to inspiration. The hard part is that we have to do is release ourselves to inspiration! Quite a conundrum! But achievable with some practice.


From a young age, we are taught to be in control of our lives, to be ‘the driver’, and directing our own destiny. And that’s ok. We do need to direct our lives. But what happens when we dare to release ourselves to the flow of life and inspiration and trust that it is guiding us to where we need to go? My experience has been that it has allowed me to create a wonderfully positive life, write the greatest music I ever have, and create the best work that I ever have.

How I have done this is to change my thought process and feelings towards every situation. My personal ethos for some years has been ‘whatever I put out there, will come back to me’, which is the fundamental law of attraction. So, in every moment the choices I make with my thoughts, feelings and actions plant seeds that grow into my future experiences. I stay aware of those thoughts, emotions, and actions so that in each moment I can choose to plant inspiring and positive seeds because I want to experience more positive and inspiring experiences. This has been my personal experience. And the results have been much more pleasing than in my past when I was planting ‘weeds’!

In each moment, I look for the inspiration and positivity in what is going on. This is quite easy to do when everything is flowing and turning out the way we would like it to. But it can become difficult when things don’t do plan, and this is when it is especially important to stay inspired, and positive, so that you continue planting positive and inspiring seeds and tomorrow, next week, next month, those seeds grow into more fantastic experiences.

And we can all do this.

We all have the ability to choose to be immersed in positive thoughts and inspiration and choose to stay in that space. I do this every day by meditating, practicing yoga, surrounding myself with inspiring people, reading inspiring books, listening to inspiring music. I immerse myself in inspiration and become one with inspiration. I have made it a daily practice. A way of living my life.

It does take practice and didn’t happen for me overnight but it began with one simple step – deciding that I wanted to feel inspired and positive in every moment.

So, what will you choose today? Certainly, something to ponder.

Have a wonderful day.

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