Lessons of Life & Lessons of Time!

“Lessons of Life & Lessons of Time!” by Gerhard Albert Fürst

We are the students.

Time and Life
are our teachers.
We have lessons to learn
rich in content, powerful in both
message and meaning.
There are many duties and deeds
daily to be done.
We need to provide proof
that the lessons are being learned,
that the by the message we did abide,
that we have nothing overlooked,
that nothing was deliberately ignored,
that we have nothing
to conceal or to hide.
We have to provide the proof
that our proper place,
here and now,
we have rightfully earned.
Mistakes can be forgiven,
although the consequences
can be great, grievous,
and costly.
Misdeeds will be remembered.
The inflicted pain
 will be profoundly felt,
it will linger and last
in our minds’ collective
emotion and memory.
The wounds will be deep,
and they might not ever heal,
the results being both too
devastating and deadly.
Let us, therefore,
labor diligently
with determination and dedication.
Let us learn the lessons.
Let us be inspired.
Let us be noted
for being both
respected and admired.
Let us not only do
what temptation or passion
have compelled us to do,
or what the heart only momentarily
might have desired.
Let us do what needs to be done.
Let us revere
these mighty and masterful teachers.
Let us provide proof
that the lessons they taught
were also learned,
and that their advice
we really and truly did heed!
Let us be divinely inspired.
Let us leave a legacy of love!
Let us be caring and compassionate.
Let us not only be driven
by convenience, by craving or greed.
Let us act with conviction.
Words alone will not count,
neither spoken nor written,
no matter how passionately poetic,
philosophic, or prophetic.
They will fail us and fade
unless accompanied
in our lifetime, so generously
and graciously granted,
by principles applied and
proven in daily practice.
Let our names be inscribed
in the Books of Life,
and on the Tablets of Time.
What alone will last,
what alone as most worthy
will long be remembered,
when it is our time to depart,
is the well-done deed.