Yes, one of the many things life offers us, whether we like it or not.

Would it be a gift?

Would it be a burden?

It depends on, me, or you, how we feel what responsibility is.

Or, still, it depends on who we are.

Would responsibility be like a jewel, to be preserved?

Or, also, who knows, something disposable.

I don’t know, but I will tell you, how I see “responsibility.”

Responsibility to our friends.

The responsibility of taking cruelty of the streets, a fallen creature, alone!

Also, the responsibility to perceive the beautiful … around us.

What’s more, so are their meanders.

What’s the ”beautiful” made of? Wouldn’t it be around us to give us away? Who knows?

Or, still, the responsibility of seeing the sadnesses of that world that suffered so much.

What can I do for them, even if only minimally? It would also be a responsibility!

The sweet responsibility that I have, for whom I love … to protect them, to make them happy … to please her… immense responsibility.

The responsibility to come between helplessness, aggression, arrogance and mistreatment.

Responsibility to the Nation. The responsibility to feel like a responsible part of that colorful, multifaceted body.

And never selfishly imagining that she would be at my service.

The responsibility in taking care of the little dog I found abandoned.

The responsibility of, whenever possible, prioritizing the smile, the joke, the embrace, the delicacy, the simplicity.

The responsibility to fight for new ideas, for my freedom of movement…and thought.


I think something’s missing. Yes, something important… fundamental.

Responsibility for myself.

The responsibility of not forgetting myself.

The responsibility to take good care of my things … of my feelings.

Responsibility to my dreams and goals.

The responsibility not to let opportunities, good times, good companies go unnoticed.

The responsibility to feel good, to breathe and to see clearly the colors that surround me.

The responsibility to discern well, the best way.

The responsibility to fight for my joy… and to know how to keep it at all costs.

The immense responsibility, to make worthwhile, the life and my presence in this world.

The responsibility of being happy … in spite of the sorrows.

Would that be our greatest responsibility?