Marcio Barker about the PonderingTime project

Hello, I am Marcio Barker, from Brazil, radio reporter, and historian with a long career at a radio station with the educational channel of Sao Paulo. I have been writing texts and poems for years, and when Arthur Pahl asked me if I wanted to write texts for PonderingTime, I gladly accepted.

What surprised me about PonderingTime was how authentic, genuinely anchored central themes are discussed by different people from all parts of the world. Every article, even in poetry, is written from the roots of their own culture, their particular society, and its own values, etc.

As a result, we have the multicolored, kaleidoscopic view of a single motif.

The special feature with which PonderingTime publishes its texts is surprisingly unique.

PonderingTime is a challenge for the author and a big surprise for their readers.

PonderingTime embraces the achievements of the Internet, now in multimedia format, with podcasts, videos and audios.

PonderingTime is a new reflection, on a new time, the 21st century.