Márcio Barker: Good bye!

I breathe deeply, profoundly and look back. I rarely turn around and watch.

But now it’s inevitable. There it is, a whole road, an entire adventure, a whole part of a story.

There, behind me, the way I passed, for a while.

I lie down, and I watch.

It’s so long, I can hardly see it entirely. However, I remember many details.

I remember some landscapes, so pleasant, soft, that induced me to continue. I remember the holes and the stones, where I stumbled and fell… and they didn’t take away my courage to go on.

I fell, and I got hurt. Besides, not just once, or twice. There were some injuries. But the more wounds, the walk didn’t seem like a torment. Yes, logical, there were some torments, but I have used and abused my full, firm and determined steps.

No! Please don’t judge me as a hero. That I’m the one.

No, on the contrary, I am only a human being, who is dosing fear, with courage, doubts with certainties, hesitation with a decision.

The indecisions were many, for, again and again, I had no assurance

I know I was still on that road.

It didn’t matter their strong slopes, their dust or mud. In fact, it didn’t matter, because I knew that, despite the difficulties, that was the path that would lead me to my goal.

But in him, it wasn’t all difficulties. No! No! There were pleasant parts, such as giving away moments of tranquility, so that I could catch my breath.

New stones, new holes, new slips, fresh wounds. And as much as they hurt, I know they won’t last forever.

Who knows, what is most grateful on that road, are precisely the stones and the holes. Well, like the mud that made me slip, it didn’t prevent me from catching my breath and recognized from afar, new stones and new holes.

I look all the way down the road. I remember every detail. They were excellent and great lessons.

Lessons like that good chemistry of dosing with care, caution with impetus, doubt with certainty, and hesitation with the decision.

I look at that road with gentleness, for it was in it that I went through great and small things, which, in spite of hard, short, or longer, were pleasing.

That road was left behind.

Other roads await me there, then ahead. I got to them, thanks to the old and proper way.

To him, my gratitude.

And all I have left of him is a sad FAREWELL!