Lying on the wooden planks of a boat dock reaching far into the “Mobile Bay”, like a hunter my IPhone in position, the view changed between distance and display, fixing the play of colors of clouds and sun, I listened

the rolling sound of the waves,
the children’s voices,
imbued with

“Oh my god! It’s great, really!”

the maternal regulation,

while the sun silently retreated the red tones changing deeper and deeper behind the horizon
and I can’t think of anything else
quiet …


Bernhard Schlafke

As an artist Bernhard Schlafke travels in many fields. At PonderingTime he presents his pictures from the most diverse directions as a painter. A passion which he has been pursuing for decades now and which he passed on to others in the KreAktivWerkstatt in Dülmen, Westafalia, Germany, for example, of which he is also the founder. Incidentally, this activity is also a project within the framework of open-youth-work-support, in his home country.
Bernhard Schlafke

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