If you listen to Pink’s 8th studio album, which has been long awaited by the music world, then it’s somehow different – but still pretty good.

It’s been a long time since I was still a student, once the conversation came up about who had released a good album. Together with a friend, I voted for Pink. “Try This” had just come out, their brilliant album “M!ssundaztood” less than three years old. A third in the lap made a pejorative noise that was more related to the look than to the musical qualities of Pink. We never talked to him about music again.

Pink’s always been different. No Disney discovery like Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera, who were big in business at that time. And she doesn’t come from good backgrounds like Billie Elish, especially not from a wealthy family like a Taylor Swift, who are in good business today. In “M!ssundaztood” everyone can still hear that today, relentlessly open she reports through her songs about a youth full of anger and drugs, and the necessity to get the hang of it.

Pink obviously did that nowadays, despite the title “Hurts 2B Human” the new album clearly sounds like a musician who has found her balance. Not to forget that she is now a mother of two. Anyone can also read that, or wipe it off, for example by looking at the Instagram account of the musician. Anyone who can’t do anything with the name Pink and stumbles across her photos by accident in Instagram would never suspect a musician collecting gold and platinum behind them, as our grandparents collected stamps. No high gloss, but in the best sense stink normal family photos.

To be honest, Pink also remained true to herself with “Hurts 2B Human”. If in the first song “Hustle” she not only sets a proper rhythm, but also ensures with the chorus “Don’t hustle me, don’t fuck with me!” that the album gets a “Parental Advisory” note – if the title hadn’t been enough yet. The single “Walk me home tonight”, on the other hand, is hymnal.

Walk me home in the dead of night
I can’t be alone with all that’s on my mind, mhm
So say you’ll stay with me tonight
Because there is so much wrong going on outside

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Pink can do that too and as with many of the songs on the album, it’s all about a sense of shelter, more precisely about the longing for shelter. “Walk me home tonight” is also the song that most clearly shows how much the singer has changed with this album. It’s not hard rock anymore, but as Pink herself commented, “I’ve calmed down”. Almost 40 years old, the singer is now perhaps in her prime to prove how good her music really is. The wild times are over, unlike many others, Alecia Moore, as she is called by her middle-class name, has survived these times. As an artist, as well as a person … The dangerous age at which one has passed one’s zenith and is cheered only by aged fans who have long since embarrassed their children is still a few years away.

In other words, there are still plenty of opportunities for Pink to keep presenting such good albums. I’m confident.

“Hurts 2B Human” by Pink, published by Warner/Chappell Music