My Homeland – My travel Companion

Identity and patriotism: traits that permeate cultures. Traveling is perhaps one of the most exciting experiences one can have. Often referred to as the exciting moment of maximum pleasure, equal to a perfect Sexual experience.

Perhaps it is because of the number of sensations felt in such short period-time, why comparing your own culture with the local contact culture and it’s flattering-driven impressions, elevate some travelers to constant moments of ecstasy. When packing for an adventure crossing borders, the first thing you wrap is identity and patriotism, showing the best of its origin and the essence of what that is. Samuel Johnson once said that words are the clothing of thoughts. This isolated phrase would have no use in this text, but for comparison. After all, words only express what is in our thoughts. Such externalization shows an endless number of social behaviors and a formative and educational chain of the subject we can give an account of what is. What are its interests, what are its goals, its beliefs and everything expressed through language? The same happens to the traveling Citizens. They take the culture that identifies them with their place of origin along. This manifest itself as an open identity of patriotism thru visual elements by the perception of those who surround them. It becomes a manifest. Questioning a man in a wide-brimmed hat and leather jacket, to speculate about his nationality in just a few seconds is an exercise without difficulty. To see a woman with a piece of cloth that covers her head and aim her origin to be from Arab or Muslim territory, is to fall into the identification of the social group to which she belongs; those are initial marks pointing to the distinctiveness of a people, a race, a nation, their way of dressing, speaking. In contact with others, the roots flourish.

Each human readily reveals themselves, through a quick analysis and without technical procedures, if you look around in an international airport, during the call to verify the departure or boarding of a flight. Individual or group behavior that denote the specificities of the subjects notice, when the noise, the shout not to lose the plane indicate the formation, the character, the discipline, reflecting pictures of culture. We can say that identity is what others see, patriotism is what you perceive when you make direct contact. When you speak because you are passionate, because you express the best of what you have and what you could be, the discourse is composed of the most beautiful and substantial of your culture. Sometimes exaggeration deepens that feeling of homeland, feeling immersed with citizens from different latitudes makes them all ambassadors, emblems of their countries. Any conversation can begin with gastronomic tastes that highlight what is proper. A tug-of-war of what crops harvest in each place contrasts with the difference in architecture and stands out with the natural attributes of each geographical area, forests, animals, rivers, climates and more. In short, what makes us different is the passion for where we are from, where we are born, and how to express to the world the best that each one has.

In conclusion, cultures express the best of themselves, with each citizen of their soil, because in doing so it dignifies, enhances that piece of land from which one originates, and to which one belongs. Externalizes values in the abstract so that each of those who are co-protagonists takes the best and possibly imitate, identify or convince themselves that there are things to improve because no one wants to be left behind. Homeland and identity are the tickets that invite to get to know a culture.

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