Since this year the visitors of the fishing village Greetsiel can enjoy a costume guided tour that catapults them through history.

Photo: Nicole Frischlich

A local croummorn slips into the role of “Daje”, a widowed farmer’s wife who shows the beautiful Greetsiel to guests from Hamburg. In a contemporary elaborate dress, it goes back to the 18th century. Their friends, trading partners from Hamburg, get to know Greetsiel from the historical side. They learn about the family tragedies of the chieftain’s families or experience the relationship dramas up close. The old houses hide many a horrible story behind the facades, which Daje whispers behind closed doors.

It is about secret love affairs or religious feuds, about poverty and wealth. Six-fold mother Daje knows how to tell many stories that life hidden behind the dike.

Meeting Point for the guided tours:

Nicole Frischlich

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Nicole Frischlich

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