Ooze – An animated film by Kilian Vilims

Aloneness and loneliness are different things, because just today many people are lonely, although they are actually surrounded by people. Like the liftboy in this animated film.

The artist and graphic artist Kilian Vilims uses his own time as a liftboy in a Hamburg nightclub in this animated film produced only in black and white. The piece, which is both disturbing and touching, has correspondingly large autobiographical references. Because also Vilims collapsed at the end, then makes the decision to start again with a graphic study.

In Ooze he uses the stylistic device of black and white as an instrument to describe the madness that slowly spreads through his main character in a particularly impressive way. A simple white line becomes an elevator, particularly striking, the sequences at the beginning and end, at which his main character emerges from the black nothingness with a crazy laugh. But see for yourself:

OOZE from Kilian Vilim on Vimeo.