Opening Doors

I check my emails and I have a message from our wonderful editor a Thomas, reminding me that my article for this month is due! Gulp! Panic stations!!! I had forgotten to do it as I had been in California for two weeks!!! Oh no!

Well, that would have been my response in the past. However, this time I saw it as a door opening and inviting me to walk through it! An opportunity filled with possibilities. I was really thankful for the reminder and within 10 seconds, I had my subject matter for this month’s article. Yay!

A lot of us practice the Law of Attraction and trust in the Universe to deliver our deepest and greatest desires. And certainly it is able to. However, one very important component in this process is to take the opportunities when they are presented to us, i.e. when the door opens, it is up to us to actually walk through it. We have to take the action necessary to allow our desires to come to fruition.

This was abundantly clear to me during the last few weeks. As a full time musician, a yearly event is to attend the convention for the North American Music Merchant’s association in Anaheim, California (more affectionately known as NAMM). It is an event that I thoroughly look forward to and an event where I can meet up with and speak with my peers, contacts and friends in the industry. I had decided this year that I would take every opportunity and walk through every door that opened up to me and at least explore the possibilities of what might be available and achievable. I had set that intention firmly and when I was there, I did it! I took action! And it felt great and was extremely productive and fruitful.

In previous years, I had been presented with similar opportunities but my own fears and lack of confidence stopped me from actually walking through those doors. Perhaps that was what I needed to experience in order to really appreciate the importance of taking action when the opportunities presented themselves. Perhaps that thought in the past of ‘if only I had…’ allowed me to finally come to a place where I actually did do it. It was part of my journey and perhaps your’s. Recognising this allows us to understand and accept why we haven’t done something we would like to. However, today is a new days, it is the present moment and we have the chance to change that.

So, today when that door opens for you, will you dare to walk through it? Something to Ponder.

Have an amazing and inspired day!!!