Our psyche

Our psyche:
a by-product
Our body:
A bunch of cells
Our thoughts and feelings:
Imagination due to the waste product psyche
Conclusion: There is no right or wrong, no freedom or
Captivity, no love or hate, no good or evil, no nothing.
or Everything … We live by our dictated illusions and
yet there’s something we can never capture that’s
we want to have all the time, that’s life itself and nobody recognizes,
that he has life, everything that’s really important every human being
has. The illusion leads to wrong tracks, the thinking, the feeling,
the insistence on waste product, cell and imagination leads us away from
life. To trust that everything fits and that you can get this bustle (Bustle and not hustle
no mistake here) from waste product,
and illusion can only be overcome by being able to and through exertion giving a completely different feeling,
than what one would like to do, that is, by overcoming of
your own laziness, your own imagination, your own false tracks,
that apparently nobody can, that’s what I do every day anew
with my life, that’s why I became a philosopher.