Paths – Bernhard Schlafke vs. Hedwig Schwarzfuß

Ways are commonly referred to as. C o n n e c t i o n between two “points”. whatever that means.

Ways lead back and forth.

Paths lead steeply uphill or eternally at ground level into the somewhere, but at the end there is

the target,

which is not seldom the beginning of a way…
So I let my thoughts wander the way…

…and met “Hedwig Schwarzfuß”, whose creative image I had noticed years ago, and asked her to add some theme-related works to the current exhibition cycle.

“Hedwig Schwarzfuß”


Linoleum prints,

Pen drawings,


has been making its way through colors since October 2017,

always looking for the right direction….

Bernhard Schlafke

On the Cross Road II
Format: 19,6‘x 27,5’
Technique: Painting watercolor-like
Material: drawing paper 6oz/sqft

“Come. Let’s go, let’s go.
Keep going. Until we get there.”
“Where to, man?”
“I don’t know either,
but we have to go.”
Hedwig Schwarzfuß


Indian ink wet on wet
10’ x 6,5’

Walking the paths,
alone or together.
We’ll see where we are,
how far we’ve come,
when we pause.

Bernhard Schlafke

On the Cross Road I
Format: 7,8‘ 11,8‘
Technique: Draw
Material: drawing paper, grey, 8,8 oz/sqft
oil pastels

No comment!
Hedwig Schwarzfuß

Watercolor, Ink, Distress Oxide
6,7’ x 4,3’

Bernhard Schlafke

We Walk this Road…
Format: 11,8’ x 15,7’
Technique: Draw
Material: drawing paper 3,17oz/sqft

“We walk this road
We’re on own way
But when we get there
No one can say
No one can say
No one can say“
Rob Randolph
Hedwig Schwarzfuß

Give me your hand, we’re leaving
Indian ink watercolor
9,8‘ x 7‘

Bernhard Schlafke

Wow! or Ways of Imagination.
Format: 11,8’ x 15.7’
Technique: Draw
Material: drawing paper 4,2oz
oil pastels

I sat down, inhaled the silence of the night and let my imagination wander the way, wow!

Hedwig Schwarzfuß

On the Way
Linoleum print
7,8‘ x 11,8‘