Paths by Márcio Barker

Paths? Yeah, they’re over there. Paths that lead from here to there. From there, to farther away.

Roads exist in every way. Roads that seem leisurely, winding roads, rough roads, endless roads, good roads, dubious roads, deceitful roads, roads…roads.

The roads exist in every way, but in common, a mystery: how will they end?

Both you and I we have the free choice between so many paths.

But you and I have another option: to make your own path, starting from scratch.

But how would we make our own way? Where would we start from and where would it lead us?

At the beginning of that road, always the fear of the unknown, still the doubt: will it be better over there? Will it be better over here?

In front of us an endless world. Within us, an infinite universe. Would that be the best way to start?

Maybe like me, you can’t imagine how we ended up here, in this existence.

And who knows, like me, you can’t imagine where we’ll go after it’s done.

But who knows, we have one certainty: we must make our presence here worthwhile. This is the beginning of a path, which must be opened to the nail.

A path where doubt and certainty will be confused. It will be a task that will show that sleep is not always possible, but it will also teach that many times the impossible is viable. And why not?

In the construction of your path, as well as mine, the theory will have to be rewritten and shaved many times. Dreamed landscapes, they will not always be in color. Dream landscapes can be in white, black and grey. And not always soft, grateful, friends, as we thought they would be.

In our paths, the shadows will alternate. Pray shadows that darken the sunlight. Or frightening shadows, or shadows that will give us shelter from the scorching, unexpected heat. Not always the shadows will be as we imagine.

On our way, I imagine, we find seductive glances, friends, companions. Gazes of reprimands, treacherous or, and that may even impose fear on us … or worse, terror.

Of course, we will do our ways, but we will have the ability to make them perfect? Unique? Unique? Exactly how do we imagine it?

What do you think?

Ah!!!! And on the path we imagine, unexpectedly dragons arise!!!!

Breathing, with a fierce look, with a tongue of fire, they will come to meet us.

Powerful dragons, who will stand in front of us, paralyzing our steps, heading for the construction of our path.

But, dragons are just dragons. Then I ask: when, time after time, don’t we become dragons? Simple, when necessary! Then, in that battle, we won’t be at a disadvantage… and we continue to build our way.

And, in that walk, we have to look sideways and see the colors of life. And we have to look ahead, where our target is. But, not always looking back. Just to remind us of some nonsense or other that should not be repeated.

And, among stumbles, stones, abysses, ghosts, doubts, dragons, shadows, we are arriving at the end of our path.

A look back now, yes, reveals all our work, our courage, our malice, our willingness to build a path that has its purpose.

A unique, singular, original path, although far from perfection… perhaps, she is what matters least.

The path of existence. Yours, mine.

That road, of pleasant stretches, stormy, now discolored, difficult, where we leave our determination, our stubbornness.

Also the way with its beautiful landscapes, of intense colors, or even less, where we breathe the inspiration, imagination, dreams.

That path we see, from the beginning, is nothing more than me, or you.

This road must have been worth it, without a doubt.