Paths: the end of time – Fabián Orlando Otálvaro Ramírez

What could be more critical in the journey towards the personal goal:

The path or the target?

All human beings begin with a race, a jump, we make our way. We elaborate a path from the very moment of fertilization, we do not stop fighting in that ferocious stampede, because the spermatozoon that overcomes the vicissitudes, the ups and downs, and tripping -not premeditated, but natural among similars- is the one that manages to reach the goal -well, a first goal- is where I want to draw attention.

We always program ourselves to reach an objective and then another one, perhaps more significant than the previous one. However, throughout our existence, we observe as we become adults. Instead, the action of the environment (sun, water, wind, pollution, etc.) exert on our flesh and produce the effects that lead us to mature. Yes, like fruits, there is no difference – as that transit towards the individual or personal goal is full of difficulties, and these have to do with some form of how we see the philosophical, social, economic, religious aspects, among others. Because the problems on the way are not put by others, they always come from within the person itself. We contaminate and limit ourselves. We expect freedom when it is essential to be free. In fact, after the detachment of the placenta, we are autonomous.

By inhaling the first breath of air from the external environment, is the beginning of the next goal. To maintain the vital connections so that the body inserted in the new environment does not deteriorate or die before the end of time, is another. For a person to reach an objective, its purpose is the unique situation of each and everyone of us, or rather it is the demand of the social group in which he or she enrolls.

I have lived it for as long as I can remember – everyone knows that remembering is what allows us to give an account of what exists. How else could I tell? Tell it and let it remain forever – and being aware that I live. I have begun the process of achieving the goals demanded of me by the culture in which I was born imto. Growing, as in the case of the Colombian culture: since I was a child I have seen on television… – how pseudo-intellectuals in this world have written hundreds of thousands of articles exposing that the mass media have formed the new generations, have made their impositions, have defined paths, are the mold to maintain what we call culture-

… Complete programs through which they emphasized the style to follow, call it: textile fashion, vocabulary, what is, what is not, and of course, what it is to be a successful Colombian, the one that should be in the university at 18, at 30 or 35 years old have a good job, family and children, car and a life of parties and trips.

Well, my life has not been different, forced perhaps. Like many others in these times – today we are called the generation X or the parents of the millennials. I had attended secondary school, after giving one year to the Colombian state as a soldier. When I was 18, through the collective impulse of neighborhood companions, I entered the police force. At the age of 26, I was discharged due to labor issues and causes of the internal war between state and guerrillas. At the age of 35 I became a university professional, a professor of the Spanish language and a teacher of literature. And as it is evident in this line of time, I achieved part of the delineated future; family and children are missing, but the car and travels are included in what I have accomplished. Family today I can recognize, thanks to the inclusion of concepts contained in the term of this century pertaining to family. I am not married and can hardly have children since my decision has been different from the conventional one of my childhood friends. So I have reached the proposed goals as if they were steps. Its difficulties are not visible anymore. They are gone because I focused on the goals. However, when I recount how I arrived, it becomes satisfactory, because every moment that I was on the road, with no other orientations than those I am tracing. A story made. Moreover, when I see myself in the mirror a little bald, I realize that the best was the journey. Full of adventures and nuances, which make my mind even this lucid and full of colors.

I could close the chapter in this section and say that I have fulfilled what my culture has expected of me. That I have not erred in the economic, educational, but in the philosophical and the religious; In fact I have failed because the goal of being is not on a scale of things that delineates society. Some call it financial freedom. For many to have physical things, emblems that hang on the walls about their studies and their abilities, demonstrate to others that they have reached the supreme goal. But very few take as a real goal or higher level that which goes beyond all of what can be seen. The spiritual scale. Because of this, I don’t consider that I’ve reached what I’ve been conventionally thrown away.

For that right now I have initiated interactions between new cultures of different latitudes. I am getting in direct contact with other species, that I respect when in a certain way I speak with animals and plants, (for some people a crazy and out of series undertaking, as if it were necessary to be sane, as required by the conventional theatrical script)

To have material things is no longer my personal goal, to reach the understanding of the naked world, the natural world, is the beginning of a new process, one that takes me to the end of time, my time.