Peace begins with a Smile by Márcio Barker


A large queue denounces time to be wasted.
The heart beats irritated, dissatisfied, bored.
The hours crawl, the feet hurt, the rage manifests itself in a face, understandably tense.
You get agitated. You look from one side to the other impatiently. Understandable impatience.
You feel like insulting, screaming loudly, against incompetence.
On your return, people who look like robots.
Static faces.
No expression.
Irritated, you look back, with a thousand deceitful claims.
And just listen:
“Soon our time will come.
And, as if it were a prize,
a Smile.
Peace come…


And it’s a lot of hours, crawling inside the car.
Once again, that infernal transit!!!!
Every day, the same thing.
Same thing, every day!!!!
Hours lost, which could well be different.
Yes! Could be well different, those lost hours!!!!
He wonders how he survives to this day…
My God, how I survive to this day!
I’m out of here.
Leave that hell behind.
Yes!!! It’s decided!
I won’t miss it!
And, at the end of the sad epic,
Someone’s waiting for him with a smile.
Well, then,
It’s not all hell.


Night falls.
In front of the mirror, rub your eyes.
There they are, red, tired, just a broken look.
after all of this.
What a day!
It was from here, there.
It wasn’t enough, he also went from there, to the side there.
Oh yeah, and he came back from there, back here.
And from the side over there, to the side over here.
A thousand things to solve.
A thousand things that could be simple
Yes! They were very simple. But…
How you like to complicate the simple!
Yes! Well, they were very simple things.
Well… it doesn’t matter.
Between coming and going, and coming and going.
Between the one there and the one here.
As simple as it was complicated,
Despite the arduous struggle to decomplicate
The task was done!
Very well done.
And with merit.
Yes. In spite of everything, with a lot of merit.
There will be many who will benefit.
And even if it was just one.
Good was done.
Lying down, tired, still agitated,
In the dark, slowly closing his eyes,
the great reward:
The smile of satisfaction that seals your peace.