Physics, Quantum Theory, and Postmodernism

Physics has, therefore, become postmodern through quantum mechanics because it corresponds to the zeitgeist to be postmodern. Dissolution of the subject.

“Everything has a reason; a cause” is now an old statement. That sentence is long outdated. The unobservability of things and events rules it. What do I know? “Que sais je?” should be the motto of today, which Michel de Montaigne repeatedly expressed almost 500 years ago.

We have again arrived at the beginning of the Enlightenment, where we must start again from the beginning but take a different path.

Quantum mechanics, postmodernism in literature and philosophy are only an indication that all science has failed. A new conception of the world is needed.

Physics – Metaphysics.

Empiricism and Tabula Rasa John Lockes. Inductive and deductive method.

Perhaps today we should try to put ideals into practice. Not only the practice or only the ideal is to be described but from ideal to practice to metaphysics. From metaphysics to ideal to practice to metaphysics back. We are physically ready to be born, after death we are (re)placed. Development goes from nothing to something but vice versa from something to nothing.

First, there is a man, and then there is a spirit, then there is earth.

Practice = at the beginning of life – baby

Ideal = in adulthood. Practical ideal.

Practice and ideal in old age, becoming like children again.

Death? Decomposition?

For me reaching the ideal action, I must be firmly anchored in practice and work. Cleaning, shopping, working in the real world, driving a car, and so on.

However, during all these activities, I should pursue an ideal long-term goal. Once I have time, and I am inspired, I must start working to aim for that goal.

If God makes mistakes and these are our chances of salvation, then we should more often consider given things as mistakes. See attitudes as mistakes and learn to think differently. Before starting with the contrast of our attitudes towards a thing/person. Thesis – Antithesis – Synthesis. However, this synthesis should not necessarily be taken as hard cash but as a preliminary result. Better still would be to create from thesis-antithesis a third that has nothing to do with the first two. So, to go even further than the syllogism which contains at least one known element. In the third movement, the elements of the first and second movements should no longer occur. That, by the way, is what I meant by postmodern interpretation. However, the danger is too high to lose or even go crazy. If you act cautiously and think nothing rash and yet not stand still then does not stop. That would be development. Not adopting known facts and genes but creating new facts and genes by eliminating old facts and creating new facts.

How can the zeitgeist be overcome? Without getting hurt? Reason must become unconscious. If we regard to reason or common sense as given, then we can dare to approach this experiment. Things that cannot be changed must be first recognized. I must eat and drink. If I have recognized this, then I must also act accordingly, i.e., eat and drink. (Anorexic and obese are only extremes that lead nowhere. Because anorexia is a voluntary decision, we can make in our civilized world. No one dies of anorexia in our latitudes, because there are people who recognize this and sooner or later take the anorexic to the hospital, where he is then artificially fed. If someone dies of it, then it is voluntary.)

If you deal moderately with the things that must be, then you have time to take care of an ideal that then leads to ideal practice.

Postmodernism and quantum mechanics are very helpful in finding the ideal. However, then you must go beyond that and leave this postmodern view and become creative (reactive).

Step into chaos to get out of chaos. Not in a pre-stabilized or self-made order, but? To feel as if you were close to the solution as if you were wearing the solution on the tip of your tongue. That is true satisfaction. You feel like you are about to see an exploding star. Moreover, even if the air bubble bursts and there is nothing left but empty air, you will have done something for yourself and others!

With the mind to embrace everything, to radiate. Everything you see with your limited vision and limited senses. Emptiness = Chaos = Fullness.

Feel the unidentifiable fullness!

You get chaos by yourself, order costs energy.

Daniel Kehlmann from “Measuring the world”

Chaos does not come by itself. Chaos must also be created. Chaos is perhaps more unconscious than order but not for nothing!

Moreover, if the speed of light was not constant??? If the effect came before the cause? I just got Lorenzo Licalzi’s book “Che cosa ti aspetti da me?” “(“What do you expect from me?”), that is why I come across such questions because the protagonist or the author also asked himself such. The problem with time has been tying me up for years. And with it the question whether everything in the universe, in our world, in our body and mind, is orderly, or chaotic at random. You might think that everything is in order, but only if you have always experienced order. What about people who have had heavy strokes of fate, who have become ill, who have defeated a disease, etc.? What about people who have witnessed a war, who have witnessed the death of their child, a partner? The victims of rape, terrorist attacks, etc. were? Who has experienced an earthquake that has destroyed their belongings, their house just like that?

If life, the world, the universe, the body, and the mind were indeed orderly, then there would be no natural disasters, no illnesses, and so on. Because unfortunately, one cannot yet determine when a Tsunami, an earthquake will happen.

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to eradicate diseases, and nobody wants to be ill. I also slowly believe that God is throwing dice, even though I respect Einstein very much since I know that he left the university when he learned that many had fallen into National Socialism. I am convinced that the belief in a God, the belief in order in the universe results only from the fact that man needs to want to order everything, to want to explain everything, to categorize everything, to justify and thus to be able to live and die in peace. If it were that simple, no one would be afraid anymore. However, fearless and convinced of something are only those who stand still, who do not want to expand their spirit. Those who cannot or do not want to accept reality. There are also people who despair of reality, kill themselves, go crazy. However, most people live in an illusory world, in their quotation marks and do not take a step outside these quotation marks. As an example, this is far too boring and desolate for me. Even though I know that I do not know much, let alone want to know, I always leave a door open for learning. Also, it is precisely this leaving door open that drives my life.

I could never claim to have dealt with anything, to have thought anything done, to have understood anything 100%. Even though I always pretend in front of others that everything is highly definite, I know that nothing is definite. However, from time to time I must come to definitive conclusions or believe 100% in them. Otherwise, one will never get any further. It is just like Popper’s science about falsification theory for me. It is always a matter of revealing one’s own or other people’s conclusions and insights, i.e., proving their defectiveness or their error so that one either thinks further or thinks in a different direction. However, I am more of a person who loves lateral thinking.
Like here, I mix insights from physics with thoughts from philosophy. I find the theory about atoms, quanta, planets, and universes exciting. I know that I cannot calculate or predict a solar eclipse, for example. Nevertheless, I find only this combination of words, the thoughts, interesting enough, to develop myself my thoughts accordingly. Mix things up, mess things up. The fact that I know very little about mathematics, science, and physics is because I am not interested in exact calculations. I am only interested in what I can understand. When I speak of the speed of light, I have no idea how it is measured, how it would express itself concretely, I only know that it exists and has some effect, in so far as the light has a much higher speed than a car, for example. It is just vague information I have about the speed of light and yet or maybe just because of that I find this word, this meaning incredibly exciting and, as above, I associate this word with some complex thought coming out of my brain. The speed of light in my thoughts triggers things, no matter if people, cars or light move with a different speed. The light, which cannot be attacked, at least not sensually, has the highest speed. I.e., that body, matter, that which is visible merely is slower than something which one does not see. I can also see the car, but when I am driving, I cannot immediately see how the gasoline or diesel drives the engine when I am running, I cannot immediately see how my energy is being consumed. So, in order to be faster, you must spend energy, and this is not visible. It is visible to the extent that you sweat that something like petrol is consumed, something gets less, I get thinner when I walk a lot. So where does my fat go? Where does the gasoline go, it triggers into the air? Here is also an interesting thought for me, to move faster, to move so that something moves at all, this thing or body becomes smaller in the process. Therefore, light can move so fast because it has no large mass.