Picture of Success

Happy New Year! The beginning of another 12-month journey around the sun. The dawn of another 365 days and with it a new start filled with hopes, desires, dreams…… and New Year’s Resolutions!

The advent of the New Year’s Resolution has become an integral part of a lot of people’s lives at the start of each New Years and a chance for them to begin that ‘something’ that they have wanted to do for the past few months, past year, or even past few years! And now here is the chance because the clock strikes midnight and suddenly it is January 1st. Hooray!!!

And with this comes the chance to paint a new picture of success!

So, this month I wanted to plant a seed in your consciousness to help you on your journey this year.

To begin with, let me ask you a question.

What is your picture of success?

Think about this for a few moments. Deeply contemplate what success looks like to you. The answer can be as simple or as complex as you like. Delve into your deepest desires.

Over the years, I discovered that my personal picture of success was different from the societal norm that I had grown up around and thinking was mine as well. Yes, I did want to achieve professional success, earn money, get into shape, buy a house, have a sports car; but there was so much more to it then just that. It was much more expansive. Coming to this realization allowed me to redefine what my personal picture of success was, and it allowed me to create the life that I really desired, rather then the life I thought I should have. And this redefinition has led to success in all areas of my life.

Success to me is inspiring others through everything that I do; by being me; via the work that I do; through the music and art that I create; and by sharing my joy and inspiration as much as possible. Success is having a positive impact on people and the world. It is having incredible experiences throughout my year. It is evolving and growing as a musician, as a person, as a husband, as a friend. And it is being able to look back at the year and feeling that I have learnt something new and I have moved forward from where I was this time last year.

Interesting perspective? Is it what you were expecting? Is it different to what you thought?

Our personal picture of success can indeed be anything we desire to achieve. Getting into shape, earning more money, growing our business, etc. My experience has been that our connection to our personal picture of success is a hugely important aspect. It defines how committed we will be to achieve our picture of success. The stronger the connection, the stronger the commitment, the stronger the desire to achieve it.

Success to me is inspiring others through everything that I do. – Jay Parmar

The picture that I set out for myself was extremely important to me, more so then my previous desires of professional success, earning money, etc., and so the connection to it has been very strong. So my year, and indeed, the last few years, have been filled with events and work that have inspired myself and others and had a positive impact; experiences that have allowed me to grow and evolve as a person, musician and artist. And each year I look back and smile to myself because my experiences and knowledge has expanded.

And a wonderful side effect of this has been that all of the other areas of my life (profession, business, etc.) have also grown. Almost as if by magic.

So, this year allow yourself to redefine your picture of success. Allow yourself to follow your soul’s deepest desires and see your whole world expand.

Something wonderful to ponder for 2019.

Have an amazing year!