Podcast No. 1: What is behind PonderingTime?

Podcast No. 1: What is behind PonderingTime?

In our first Podcast PonderingTime-Publisher Arthur Pahl introduces our project a little bit more exactly. He explains what is hidden behind our special-concept and what we have to offer already in our online magazine at the moment.

In addition he introduces a few of our authors, and betrays, which one must have absolutely read. And you will find out how you can also become an author at PonderingTime.

What is behind PonderingTime? (Download)


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Arthur Pahl

Arthur Pahl

Arthur Pahl was born in Gladbeck / Westphalia and grew up in Würzburg. After a apprenticeship in the hotel trade, he completed an internship in Swiss fine dining, worked as a steward on an ocean liner, lived in the US, Colombia, Canada and Brazil, was a rice farmer, emerald trader, taxi driver, Tomb stone seller and stockbroker before he succeeded in Germany, where he has been working ever since as a tour Manager for international tour groups. Arthur's personal motto is: "Writing is Living - reading is understanding Life.

One thought on “Podcast No. 1: What is behind PonderingTime?

  1. Excelente contar con la voz dentro de pensa tiempo. Creo y estoy convencido que denkzeit.net es un medio alternativo de comunicación inclusivo, a través del cual miles de personas pueden escuchar crónicas e historias reales o de ficción. Como decía mi abuela, quien perdió la visión cuando ella era una adolescente: que sería del mundo sin la radio. Un podcats es similar a la radio, porque podemos escuchar y leer sus contenidos con nuestros oidos. De esta forma considero que este proyecto es de inclusión social en este mundo de globalization.

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