PonderingTime presents: Jorge Contreras Herrera

Dear PonderingTime readers,

We have been online with our project for almost exactly three months now. So even if it sometimes seems that every day new challenges come up to us, some challenges were clear from the beginning.

This includes publishing the articles appearing here in three languages. Every text that ends up with me as editor-in-chief has to be translated into two more languages. That’s not always easy if you want to do justice to the text. This is sometimes a bit stressful, and it is often the translations that give us a feeling that we don’t know so much about Internet publications anymore. The sense of panic when the editorial deadline comes knocking, but you seem to be only just halfway there.

When it comes to the translation of poetry, that is quite another matter. There may be texts where the (digital) dictionary can help but translating poetry without a sense of language is like trying to fly a space shuttle even though you’ve just learned to ride a donkey.

When we had the great luck to win the Mexican poet and writer Jorge Contreras Herrera for our project, and with it the chance to publish his poems in German for the first time, the joy was great – but the upcoming challenge was not less. Our editor immediately started looking for a translator who would be able to take on the task. While I, one might call me small-minded or too realistic, was worried about whom we would end up finding to cash for the translations, we would have to dig deep into the editorial box. Moreover, as some of our readers can imagine, the editorial Piggy Bank of our project is quite empty.

However, Jorge Contreras Herrera helped us without having to get involved. Because when the translator was found, she agreed to step in and charge us far less than we should have expected. Perhaps also a little to support us, but above all, it was because of the words she was supposed to bring into the German language here. Her enthusiasm for the poems of Jorge Contreras Herrera was so great that they alone were worth a lot to her.

An enthusiasm that we share at PonderingTime. Moreover, we are sure that this poetry will also inspire our readers. On February 16th we are proud to present the poems of Jorge Contreras Herrera here – in Spanish, English, and German.

With that in mind,
Thomas Matterne,
Editor-in-Chief PonderingTime

Jorge Contreras Herrera
Mexican writer (1978). Poet, essayist, editor, reading promoter and cultural manager. Director of The Ablucionistas A.C. Health and Happiness through Art and Culture. Director of the Ignacio Rodríguez Galván International Poetry Festival and José María Heredia International Poetry Festival. Compiler of the anthology “Tribute to Sabines: here we are all together” and the Jose María Heredia International Poetry Anthology (2017). Author of the poetry books Inventario de caricias, ¿Quién soy otro sino tú?, Poemas del candor, Otro que fui and El espejo adecuado (Inventory of Caresses, Whom am I But You, Candor Poems, Other that I was and The Adequate Mirror).