About us

Dear Reader,

What’s to be discovered behind PonderingTime? Well, the goal we aim to reach with PonderingTime, is to write and publish a slightly different magazine. We believe, that we can do that by bringing authors from around the world together and have them write stories beyond mainstream, for our readers.

At PonderingTime, we value high-quality contributions. Because we firmly believe, that there are still readers out there, who appreciate lyrics beyond modern days gimmickry and clickbaiting. We write for our readers, who want to experience the entire story and not just some small bites of informational fast food rhetoric.

With the topic of the month, we regularly emphasize on a specific subject: Bridges can connect us, because they are transcending, and sometimes they even separate us.

The Family who surrounds us, giving us warmth feelings. At the same time, family can also be a source of conflict.

Or Homeland, a word causing different reactions amongst people with different perception. Every month, we will highlight a topic, that is going to affect all of us. In one way or another!

Authors, who have something to write about.

Each of our authors has its own life story. This is one of the reasons why they interpret the respective focal topic in their very own way and leave each contribution to themselves.

At PonderingTime, we also publish exciting articles, regardless of our monthly topic.

Travel with us to distant countries or discover the unknown in your own everyday life

Read portraits of people whose life stories seem unbelievable but could happen to anyone. It could happen to you!

Follow the longings that many of us carry around – even if they did not know it yet.

All these are our topics. Complemented by essays, reviews or photo galleries. PonderingTimes offers the entire spectrum of an online magazine with high standards.

Your PonderingTime Editor