Short-term – Long-term

Man is torn apart by the thought that he could die now, right on the spot, but must live with long-term plans. The probability is more on the side of the long term, but it is only a probability and nothing more.

What if all illusions no longer bear fruit and man knows at every moment of his life that life could end today? How far has each one of us come in the awareness of his short or long term? I believe that all nuances are present in humans, with changes taking place again and again. Nor does trust help, it is about strength, will, and self-confidence. If these three qualities are present, then you inevitably think and live “for a short time in the long term” Because life means to live out both aspects, to live out the short-term, i.e., the transience of the momentary feelings and phenomena such as flashes of inspiration, and on the other hand to embed these flashes of inspiration into the long-term.Short-term and long-term have both an end for us humans, are finite; even the long-term is limited and ends with death. Consciousness ends with death, at least that’s what experience shows. I harbor in me all the lives that there were, that there are and that there will be as potent. What potential I will use, what I will make of myself, what I will live out, is highly finite and limited. Also, that is why man is never satisfied because he knows that he could become everything, that he could live everything. If one is aware of one’s humanity both subjectively, with feeling, and objectively with mind and experience, then one can only lie to oneself, either in one direction of the short term or in the other of the long run. However, if you lie to yourself, then, if you want to feel your own life, you either become evil, because then you have to enforce your will or all the more lovingly because with love it is easier to overcome this impossible situation.There will probably be people who do not feel this sense of time, this short or long-term nature at all, who live as if they had no other possibility, without alternative, to live their lives. As soon as one wants to understand something, as soon as one asks oneself the questions of meaning and life, it is over, if one still spends most of one’s time alone with oneself and is searching one’s whole life for oneself, striving one’s entire life for freedom, for absolute freedom, mind you. Every attack on one’s freedom, every attack on one’s shortcomings and imperfections will then throw you off track. The mystical moment begins when one crosses these two boundaries of long and short term. How can that succeed? By negating oneself and questioning all sensations. There are scientists of spirit, anthropologists of feeling.If anthropology extends through the emotional level, then we have reached the limits of the mind, then the brain can be stretched, then one sees beyond their world. The only obstacle is the fear of new possibilities. The fear of being unstable, that is why people always hold on to other people in the illusion of stability and lose the most precious thing they possess, their freedom. Freedom of spirit means to live out this lack of confidence, to overcome fears, to realize again and again that nothing tragic happens by trying to expand borders. On the contrary, the hold is found precisely in this lack of stability, because not only the universe is growing, but also a man, if he takes it exactly.Man is also expanding, only that as an adult you always set yourself limits, because you allegedly live like this, because conventions say so. Out of fear, one forgets to expand, and precisely this lack of expansion produces the evil in the world, the seven deadly sins, all the suffering. If someone manages to live as an expander, then that person will overcome death and decay in spirit. This curve of child-adult – the old man then no longer exists, because the body decays, this shell of the soul can be regarded with the spirit as what it is, transient, short-term, changeable. The soul can also be all this, but it can be more than the body, it can just expand, the spirit is more than the body. Cancer of the mind as the mind expands.