The Berlin Bridge is burning – a (n)one fairy tale from the land of Germany

According to Webster’s Dictionary, fairy tales are stories about magical or mythological creatures of miraculous events, often leading to a happy ending; however they don’t always end happily. Fairy tales can undoubtedly be beautiful. They paint pictures in people’s minds. They are more than just entertainment, they also have an effect on us. They cheer us up.  We enjoy them. When fantasy and innocence whispe to an open heart, the soul presents itself in its most beautiful array.

So far so good!

As long as we understand why fairy tales exist and as long as we assign them to the purpose for which they are intended: Fairy tales simply remain something enchantingly beautiful. However, they remain just fairy tales – and nothing else.

When the bubble bursts

The problem behind fairy tales is disappointment. Once we believe or hope for something so much but realize that for whatever reason we can’t have, the bubble bursts. This hits us hard because in real life reality is always waiting at the end. And realities function within their own set of laws, entailing additional aggravating and merciless schemes. They often reach for what could be solved and turn it into an insoluble conflict.

Once upon a time there was a country with a queen

Allow me, dear readers, to tell you a modern fairy tale that you may have already heard in a similar version. It has something of the dreadful story about Harriett and the matches, that night when she was left all alone at home to play and suddenly went up in flames. But it also contains a little bit of truth, of which no fairy tale can do without.

Let’s start with the truth:

  • Things are going well in Germany.
  • We have quite a lot in abundance.
  • Germany has large reserves of capital.
  • Solid companies, efficient people who are dedicated to their worldwide goals.
  • Agriculture is subsidized.
  • The poor supported by the rich with the help of the government in solidarity.
  • Because we have no enemies, military conscription has been abolished.
  • Military resources reduced.
  • The laws mitigated

And where’s the fairy tale?

The fairy tale began not so long ago, when the media throughout the world reported about the glorious living conditions in Germany. Because good stories always get better when you add something beautiful to it, the fairy tale of your own house, your own car, free food and many other beautiful things (which every stranger gets for free in Germany) suddenly circled across our borders into the world and mingled with the facts mentioned above. Now the fairy tale was beautiful and perfect. People in distant lands who were not as well off as we were, heard that and believed what they were told. Refugees from the Orient, for example. They whispered about wealthy Germany and its queen, who takes care of everything. That’s why everyone there is doing so well.


One day they got up and flocked to the country that was doing so well. They had heard from afar of this land of milk and honey where the Queen is like a mother and the people affectionately call her “Mummy” and that the Queen “Mummy” likes to be photographed with the poor people because her father, who was a high priest, always told his daughter before she became queen that she must have an open heart for strangers.

There was another neighboring country, which was not so wealthy, and it had a king. The refugees also came to his country from the Orient. But he immediately sent them on to the queen’s country. Queen “Mummy” had a bridge built. A bridge so big it reached as far as Berlin, the city where the queen lived in her castle. Nearly one million refugees crossed this bridge to settle near the Queen to live in this rich country with their families.

Suddenly everything was over – and it became quiet around the queen. What had happened?

Duty Fulfilled – Purpose Missed

Of course, you know, dear readers, that this is about the Pastor’s daughter from the northern German Uckermark region, Chancellor Mrs.  Angela Merkel. It’s been quiet around her. The refugee crisis with all its empathy, humanism, and altruistic behavior, has turned all these wonderful attributes into dark clouds over the Lady Chancellor. A long series of glitches have culminated in the Asylum Agencies Bamf scandal that it is rocking the German asylum system. Now Mrs. Merkel is on the brink of a cloudburst, full of dangerous lightning. They can set fire to an area, with effects and an outcome that no one knows. Merkel’s popularity has dropped dramatically. Right-wing radical political party members moved into the Bundestag. (German Parliament). More than just a few blame her for this. The question of how it is possible to plant good seeds and reap a bad harvest is justified. The simple answer to this would be to say, that in all altruistic behavior, the seed was atrophied when it was planted. In other Words, Merkel acted impetuous. When she built the bridge to Berlin for the countless crowds of people, she did her duty, but missed her purpose.

Now we are back to reality again. This is the reality that arises when you are unprepared for your task and confronted with major problems and you neglect taking the time for sensible advice. Conclusion: The bubble has burst, the merciless scheme, with its own laws, has come into force. If it ignites in Berlin, the bridge to cross there, runs the risk of becoming fuel.

The fairy tale is at the end – what should happen now?

The consequences of bad decisions by politicians, in the end are always borne by the people. This is exactly what makes such decisions literally more difficult than they are in and off themselves. A sovereign people has the situation and its opponents under control by acting in a confident and politically independent manner. This means that no single person (neither politician nor party) holds the power in the country, but the community of the whole people does. If you ask yourself, dear readers, what I am getting at, I am answering you with the word “community”. Everyone in this country is called upon to exercise communal sovereignty, to protect this country from worse to come. Populists no longer stand by the wayside roads. They have already moved into parliament. If the people act sovereignly, as provided for in our Constitution, then they also have the power and the duty to participate and to defend themselves against populist problem seekers, those who shout “foreigners out”, and wish to close borders while being illlicit gun carriers. This also means, among other things, outrage and exclusion of populists by disenchanting them and defending ourselves against their false reports. Show a clear edge. Take a stand. Discuss with your friends – Practice what it means to be a community.

Prensa – Populis

There is certainly no royal road to rapid success, but with the help of clean reporting, another gate would be opened to steer this country on a straight path. Anger speeches, lying press and fake news express everything in themselves that is meant by it. Including suspicion in the press. We again need thoroughly honest reporting that remains factual rather than inciting. More decency, less waste. The press must unite with the center of society instead of exploiting it, like a trained brown bear smearing him with populist information honey. The press should rather join forces with the people and become a prensa populis. Do not engage in steam roller journalism under the motto “bad news is good news”.

Strength to the fragile center of society.

I am firmly convinced that in today’s Germany the fragile center of society thinks more democratically than it is perceived.

Therefore, if necessary, we should take to the streets and proclaim what values we stand for. Those who perceive what is happening around us must get involved. Especially the fragile center of society. After all, they are the center. This means that no matter how, that middle ground must remain with us as a majority. The fragile must rise to its strength. I don’t want to, and I simply can’t, lose the ambition to believe in that goal.