The Grand Little Bridge

When traveling by car on great highways, or riding on rails, passing along in express cabin trains, we perplexingly admire large and grandiose bridges. They show magnificence in size and complexity in construction.  Do we keep imagining who the builders are, with their endless and complex calculations of physics and mathematics? In their works of art, they are, in whatever way, connecting two or more junctions. Summarized in one sentence, they integrate minds – hearts and cultures. That is the image of a bridge and such is its function: to unify!

However, does anyone pay attention to observe small buildings, including small bridges, during a ride on roads or rails?

It goes mostly unnoticed.

They are passed by, without any charm, invisible by the immense speed. A small bridge seems not to exist.

All the same? No!

What a mistake is perceiving them like this.

Let’s think this through:

Life is not always made of illustrious compositions, nor is it ever made of grand gestures. We are used to imagining, that significant changes are the challenge of new goals and that its result depends on exalting and excellent dispositions.

Is this true? Think about that.

To change the course of our life’s, it is, often, required that we turn to a mighty, a heroic attitude. So great of an attitude, it leads us to another path. So mighty in its mentality, it links us to other objectives…to other spaces and realms…

However, is this the only way to reach new goals? Leading us on a new path, to a new horizon?

Who knows? It could just as well be done by a naturally sweet look, in a moment of abandonment. Knowing the right word in a time of anguish, maybe just a caressing touch over someone’s hair, when they are afflicted and alone.

Imagine a simple suggestion in a minute of a disturbing thought, a terrible doubt: “?” or “will it be that way”, that is when a plain proposition can take us to different and unexpected destinations.

Yes, small gestures, simple words, a humble attitude, a sweet look, a friendly smile, a modest suggestion, can be the bridge that will lead us to a new and magnificent harbor. At one o’clock, a new life. Life, full of unexpected stunning colors. Leading to never imaginable bliss.

It is so different from the greatness of a magnificent and illustrious construction. Seemingly unnoticed, like the little bridge on the road, or on rails, that would only be recognized, if one day it was not there anymore. Also, yet, without it, there would be no destiny, no unity.

We need all of this, the same way we need small gestures, friendly words or a simple smile. Moreover, we lack it so much.