The Jump off the Bridge – The Discussion

The Jump off the Bridge – The Discussion

In his Article the jump off the Bridge our author wrote about an occurrence, where a father had committed advanced suicide, taking his own life and the life of both of his sons in the process. Colombian Dr. Gustav Alfonso Quintana is a well-known physician far beyond the borders of his own Country. By his own statement he assisted more than 200 people with euthanasia before. Dr. Quintana also read the article and sent us the following response:

Gustavo Alfonso Quintana, physician, born in Tuluá (Cauca Tal, Colombia), was raised by Jesuits. He‘s an accredited medical doctor from the university Universidad Nacional de Bogotá in Colombia. Specialized in gerontology and worldwide defendant of the right to die with dignity.
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Our author hereupon decided once more to write about this topic, and replied to Dr. Quintana the following:

However, this was not the end of the discussion.

What is euthanasia and how is it lawfully regulated?

When it comes to euthanasia, it is divided into assisted suicide and active dying aid. In Switzerland and several states in the USA there are regulations for assisted suicide. In these cases the concerned parties are most commonly treated with a lethal dose of medication. Active dying aid in Europe is legal in both the Netherlands and Belgium by under the Law of Euthanasia. In these cases the dying aid is provided by a doctor. In the Netherlands this covers way over 90% of all cases of euthanasia. Especially in the Netherlands the number of cases is growing rapidly and has doubled from 2010 to 2016. There is a controversy over the fact that in Belgium and the Netherlands, mentally ill people, for example those suffering from chronic depression, are also entitled to this way.

In Colombia, in 1997, the constitutional court decided, that active dying aid is no chargeable offense, if the concerned individual wishes to die and suffers from a deadly disease.

Euthanasia is one of the most controversial topics in a large variety of countries. And even with there being a returning trend in supporters, the general opinions are very split. What are arguments for and against Euthanasia?

Arguments supporting the legalization of euthanasia?

  • Pain and suffering can be brought to an end.
  • Humans have a right to self determination.
  • Euthanasia is already frequently happening but rather hidden. The involved parties are often times not prosecuted.
  • Euthanasia reduces costs in the health sector.
  • Euthanasia is a commandment of charity.

Arguments against the legalization of Euthanasia?

  • The decision is irreversible.
  • Relatives are putting the concerned individuals under pressure, or they pressure themselves.
  • The cost reduction due to euthanasia can lead to a breach.
  • Mentally ill individuals could have a premature wish for euthanasia, even if they could’ve been getting assistance.
  • Hospices and the support of palliative medicine already offer the possibility to die with dignity.

What are your thoughts on euthanasia? Feel free to leave your feedback in the comment section below.



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One thought on “The Jump off the Bridge – The Discussion

  1. Dear Doktor Quintana,
    As a medical practitioner I have witnessed enough patients suffering from surgery when their is no hope, vagina’s cut out only to spread it to another part of the body then dying in agony anyway. We are more enlightened than even 10 yrs ago. I found out early on as a Registered Nurse that doctors’ did have courage and empathy by increasing the amount of morphine when a client was in agony with no relief when they knew it was the only thing medicine had to offer these patience. This was back in the 70’s. I believe we do not need to go through a committee to say yes or no to our request for a painless, human death. It is our right and the gov’t does not belong in a patient’s dying room when that is all they want. In progressive countries like Netherlands all you have to do is get there sign a form and ohhh a peaceful death awaits. I believe we have control over our own life. We decide millions of important decisions on our own every time we wake up to a joy filled day. However, why do we lose control of how we want to die when we have all billions of choices to make but suddenly we have no choice when we want to die with dignity? The decision is not a legal one. It is a choice only the person who experiences no quality to their lives or to their families lives lying in agony for what ?

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