The Resurrection

Humanoids tools to prolong a way of life: a kind of eternal memory.

A few months ago I was walking close to the Museum am Dom Wurzburg, Germany and on some stairs, I saw a human metallic structure with the body covered by ropes that tied all his attempts to mobilize, his gaze planted in the sky moved me enormously.

I was able to note the impotence of those citizens who, while living in Nazi Germany, were not part of Adolf Hitler’s regime, but were demolished by bombs from allied countries, nations not considering ideologies but instead destroying without distinction by throwing from above down – the falling death. That was my mental impression having contact with the scene on the stairs; continuing my march, to my side between moments my friend Arthur spoke of everything. History of Germany, the small details that the account in the books does not tell you, those anecdotes for being a son and inhabitant of this country, and how could I not listen to him if this subject that has crossed more than half a world and with him ride hundreds of stories, not so fantastic, but full of precisions told by a reader and observer. The moment I stopped to look at the human figure, he said to me about how the light bulb originated, how sound for the first time was captured and then emitted, – if you ask me why the subject was put, I don’t remember it if I remember well. It is the rest that led me to think about the viability of the resurrection provided by Christians in their genesis of life and the return of the savior.

I said to Arthur: my friend, I believe at this moment that resurrection is possible, not only seen from fantasy but perhaps from science itself. He turned his face, and his eyes remained expectant, he needed to know what my nonsense would be, – I say nonsense because I am not a man of religion and much less of science, only an individual who contrasts information and exposes a pure opinion.

He invited me to walk by the Wurzburg market, and later we entered a traditional bar of that town to take a wheat beer, he made his good and a cultural drink called cider, an apple ferment.

At that place, I began to point out that if it had been possible to trap the waves of voice, energy and contain it in a light bulb, it was totally probable in the distant future the resurrection, that which Christians promote, “John 11:25”. In fact, there is a phrase from Carl Sagan that I remember a lot: “Imagination will often lead us to worlds that never were. But without her, we’re not going anywhere.” Arthur took a sip of his drink, looked around and said, “Interesting, tell me a little.

Well, Arthur, the idea is the following: in the course of the history of humanity, at least through the documentation saved from that fire in the library of Alexandria, man has been able to advance in the discovery of how to control part of nature. And how to initiate a process of knowledge of his being from the outside to the inside. Today, for example, we know that the fertilization of an ovum generates a multiplicity of cells that lead to human formation. We also know that something more profound is the genome, which contains all the characteristics of that living being are found; besides, we know that the human body has a composition that is compared in the periodic table of the elements. Among many other discoveries seen from science, as you well know it is based on proven evidence, unlike metaphysics, that which goes beyond the physical, the tangible, correct, the discovery of being from itself and its environment, called the first philosophy. Based on the preceding, which is ultimately essential and still has no basis for what I try to elucidate about the possibility of resurrection seen from science and not as magical as Christians expose it.

If in theory, we contain the elements that are inside the terrestrial bubble, we could say that we are cyclical and recoverable as long as we do not escape the bubble that includes us. It is something like water, it takes on different states, passing from the liquid, stable to gas. However, it does not cease to be water. And that is where I want to focus, that everything inside the terrestrial bubble is recoverable, you never lose, everything undergoes a transformation, as such to resume an initial cause is likely. It is striking how the human being has been able to transform the elements that are inserted in the planet, to take an example, glass is sand, in the sand we find gold, iron and other metals, to capture gold man uses another element of the table known as mercury. It is well known that some years ago one of the first documented studies about the possibility of cloning was with Dolly, through which it was possible to establish that her DNA was equal to that of her progenitor or first cell. Now let me bring the other counterpart so I can give my final explanation. Religions in general present in their predicament, the possibility that the human body contains something that has been called for centuries, the soul, that which is immaterial but which is a kind of energy, not seen, not palpateting, but is contained, as in the case of the light bulb.

I laugh a little because this analogy is not adequate – Arthur calls the waiter and asks for another round of beer, this time accompanied by some sausages and tomato sauce with black bread.

Outside the weather and the day begins to fall, it’s cold, I suppose because the window glass with wooden canopy becomes opaque and in the distance, I see distorted lights and one or another shadow that passes over the glass.

Arthur says: we have already had several beers, I hope we can get to the train station in time to take the train to Frankfurt, Martha is waiting for us, but I want to know the end of your pseudo-theory, which as a Catholic catches my attention. – Don’t worry, we’re almost at the end.

So my friend, what if it is possible to imagine that that which has been transformed into dust, can be converted into solid, and the essence injected into that being, something like collecting within the terrestrial bubble every energy code, unique. And to do it perhaps with an artifact designed within the same bubble, -remember that nothing disappears, everything is transformed. It is not a crazy thought, because a hundred years ago it was unthinkable to capture the image with sound in small plastic cells, like cell phones. Today when we see these computers that reproduce images in real time and asynchronously, we see them naturally, and we don’t even remember what was impossible 100 years ago. I remember in this instant an author, Jules Verne writer who was born in the year 1828 and died in 1905, and who predicted in his narrative many of the inventions that we use today, and that at the time was something out of the hairs of Zeus, in other words. Impossible. Not far away are the films that have filled the screen with tv, cinema, and the internet, of course. I bring up one of Netflix’s latest productions, Altered Charcoal. It is that science fiction series that takes us to the next level predicting, as Verne does, the possibility of exchanging bodies, when these are damaged or deteriorated, as an evidence of the chance of living eternally, on the sole condition of being able to authorize the memorization of the life processes of each body in a kind of chip. So then the only thing that is changed is the sheath because the essence remains on the chip… In my pseudo-theory, as you can tell Arthur, there is no chip. Because if we are elements of the periodic table, and we count individually energy, the essence called soul, might be possible to be found, I do not know if light years into the future, an artifact that selects the particles and reconverts them into a body and then inserts it into essence, soul or energy. The silence in the bar was prolonged, Arthur canceled the bill, kept his wallet, took his overcoat and we rushed out to the station, the train made its presence, we boarded and a while later we met Martha, my friend’s wife, she smiled at us and said: what happened to you I see you very quiet? And I just agreed to tell her, what do you think of this phrase Martha “Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality”? It is Carl Sagan’s…