Video: The Himalaya Mountains – every mountaineer’s dream

Since time immemorial, the Himalayas have radiated a special fascination to people. For some it is an almost mystical place, for others it is a challenge to grow beyond oneself.

Mount Everest, the highest mountain on earth and the heart of the Himalayas, is still today the great challenge every mountaineer dreams of. The filmmaker and adventurer Elia Saikaly has also accepted the challenge of Mount Everest with an international team.

And he recorded them on video, among other things with this day in the Himalayas in fast motion:

Himalaya – An Everest Time-Lapse Film (4K) from Elia Saikaly on Vimeo.

On his Vimeo page Elia Saikaly has recorded the project “The Dream of Everest” in further videos.