Vintage Style: The Spice Girls combined with the Andrew Sisters

The Spice Girls were icons of the 1990s, the Andrew Sisters’ music career lasted several decades. And today, the two come together.

If you compare the boy groups of the 1990s with the Beatles, you will probably reap something between funny looks and complete horror. But the Beatles had one thing in common with the Backstreet Boys and others: screaming young, 99.99% female fans, who either fell into hysterical ecstasy at the sight of their darlings – or simply fainted.

But it wasn’t just boy groups that went down in music history this decade; the music industry quickly created the exact opposite, girl groups. And the biggest girl group of all were the Spice Girls. For some people Spice Girls are still today the prototype of a band put together by music managers, which is more or less about singing talent than about covering certain types, which are necessary for marketing. For others, the Spice Girls are the biggest girl group of all time.

But they didn’t invent the music genre after all, because the last 100 years or so have seen one or two bands composed exclusively of female members. One of them were the Andrew Sisters, three sisters who were active between 1932 and 1966 and had hits like “Rum and Coca Cola” or “Boogie Woogie Bulge Boy”. In fact, they should have been called the Andreos Sisters, but the Greek family name was translated into American in those days. Their music was a mixture of Jazz and Swing, and especially in the last years it changed to Pop. A few years earlier the sisters had already gone down in history as “America’s Wartime Sweethearts”. In the end they should have made 700 releases, others even talk about 1.800.

The group disbanded in 1966 when the oldest sister LaVerne Sofie got cancer and died a year later. Patty, the youngest of the three, died in Minisota in 2013.

What do these two girl groups have in common? Well, in a music video of the Postmodern Jukbox Project they come together, so to speak. In the style of the Andrew Sisters, the singers Olivia Harris, Sara Niemietz and Therese Curatolo have re-recorded the most famous Spcie Girls song “Wannabe” in the style of the Andrew Sisters. And what has come out of it rocks Youtube right now: