When I am grown up,
so, I know,
I’ll fly.
Fervently my questions and puzzles
all over the world!
With hands to
take a journey through time
and learn to understand
why witches burned once,
Indian lands were getting moldy,
we shamefully buried Jews in ashes.
I have a desire to understand,
for what reason
Civil wars misjudged salvation and meaning.
The nobility washed away the rabble’s belongings without blame.
We have
robbed nature of her colored soul.
When I grow up,
so, I know,
I’ll know
why a human life
is becoming more and more foolish
and loses wisdom!
But not until I grow up!

Nicole Frischlich

Nicole Frischlich was born and raised in the region of the German Ruhr area. She began her first professional steps in the travel and tourism industry, before she was 30 years old, starting her own business. Photography has accompanied her throughout her entire life, as well as writing poetry and stories - preferably in combined form. Since 2018 she has lived in a small dwelling mound village on the North Sea coast and works as a freelance journalist for the Emder Zeitung alongside her commercial work (Giclee printing).
Nicole Frischlich

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