Who cares about you?

I am a lover of science fiction in its different formats, the trans meditation of content currently provides a myriad of options for those of us who enjoy it; a literary work, a comic, a television series, a film, a video game …

In short, all this shows us what is in the imagination of its creators, but to what extent are we talking about fiction? Taking into account for example, that at the time Jules Verne immortalized in literary works such as From the Earth to the Moon. It is the product of man’s deepest desires to explore the universe, an enterprise impossible for the time but a century later converted into feat by the United States, with striking similarity in the traveling vehicle, the launch site and even the travel time from the Earth to its destination, the Moon.

Other texts that anticipated discoveries and inventions in time could also be included: 20,000 leagues of submarine travel, by Jules Verne in 1879 (the submarine); Looking back, by Erick Fromm in 1888 (the credit card); The land battleships, by H.G. Wells in 1903 (the atomic bomb); and films such as: 2001: A Space Odyssey (the tablet); Total Challenge (the autonomous car) or Return to the Future 2 (the Hoverboard).

In fact, everything that man imagines does not become a reality, but there are people with the ability to envision the utopian or dystopian future that awaits us, which we could consider as a kind of prophets of our time. So, I wonder if it really is unconscious anticipation of the future or will it be a conscious preparation for it? And although it sounds like conspiracy theory, I think there is a more advanced science of which we have not heard and whose purpose may be altruistic or instrumental to capital.

For some time now there have been theories about possible techniques for the so-called artificial evolution of man, labeled as trans humanization. An improved version of the man, both physical and mental through biotechnology, artificial intelligence, cloning, nanotechnology.Prostheses of body parts, and the more daring theories about cyber-ware (union of the body with electronic devices), cyborg (replacement of parts or organs of the body, which would improve our senses, make us faster or stronger; and even the transfer of minds (technique of storing the content of the brain and its subsequent discharge into another body).
Series such as Orphan Black and Altered Carbon by Netflix have painted a future in which man is subject to control by large groups or corporations, genetic manipulation, and body modification. The first focuses on a movement known as the Neolution, which directs the development of gene therapy and cloning technologies. A plot, in which a group of clones seeks their autonomy and freedom like any human being. Far from the control, these corporations exert over their lives. Similarly, the second series presents a universe dominated by economic elites who control this and other worlds, for which eternal life is their main advantage. Because with the discovery of a new mineral it is possible to store all the consciousness of a person and transfer it to the same cloned body or to other entities, so things, only those who have the resources to buy new frames can afford to live, 200, 300 or more years.

Now, how far are they from reality? To my surprise, I would like to inform you that there are already organizations in charge of researching and carrying out these initiatives, that seek to prolong and even recover youth. One of them is the organization of David Cobel and Dr. Aubrey de Grey, called Methuselah Foundation, whose mission is to achieve that in 2030 a 90-year-old person looks and feels like a 50-year-old. And for this purpose, they have promoted research in the field of genetics and biotechnology with prizes for those who manage to break the world record of the oldest mouse, and who can successfully recover the health of an aging mouse. And a little further is the SENS Research Foundation, of which Dr. de Grey is also a part and whose objective is the development of a new type of medicine, regenerative therapies that eliminate, repair, replace or make harmless the cellular damage that accumulates in tissues over time; that is, restore health and vigor to aging tissues.

Finally, these investigations raise many questions, because who would not want to live a little longer or recover their health even if they went against human nature? Who would not want to maintain their youth? And if we ask ourselves at what price? Surely the answer is that the price would not matter. However, just as children still die in America and Africa for not having a sufficient vaccine, food or sanitation, so would access to this medical alternative for the population be even more limited and only a privileged few will be able to tell stories to their great-great-grandchildren, looking like their parents. The next step will be taken by the narrative in its many formats, the world in the face of the possibility of a new generation that will be able to alter the evolution of its own species.